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The state of shift working in the UK 2023

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Breakroom to bring you another insightful report on the state of shift working in the UK focusing on the impact and availability of flexible working options for employees in 2023.

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The state of shift working report
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We were upset to uncover that the negative impacts of scheduling are still affecting people working shifts every day. Just look at some of the key stats below:

  1. 70.8% of shift workers said that good shift planning or notice would be ‘very important’ to them when looking for a new job
  2. A resounding 60.3% of respondents said that their shift schedule is not flexible if they ever need to change it
  3. When asked if their employer offers any flexible working options like being able to work split shifts or a 4-day work week, a staggering 73.2% of respondents said no
The state of shift working report 2023
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