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Proven results, when switching from tymeshift

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Based on G2 reviews 2024

The Surfboard difference


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The big picture

Why our customers prefer Surfboard over tymeshift

“Reviewers found Surfboard easier to use, set up, and administer. They also preferred doing business with Surfboard overall and felt that Surfboard meets the needs of their business better than tymeshift. When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Surfboard is the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of Surfboard over tymeshift.”

- Winter 2024 report, G2


Surfboard vs Tymeshiift positioning

Don’t limit yourself to one ticketing system

Forecasting via multiple ticketing and telephony systems and time-off sync via HRIS platforms. Surfboard offers an extensive suite of integrations.

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Intuitive interface; actionable data

Straightforward interface, easy-to-understand data designed to identify patterns and enhance team performance in a breeze.


Boost your team efficiency with fairness

Automated shift and activity allocation, drastically reducing scheduling time. Simplify international team management with seamless timezone support. Choose a system that gets the job done efficiently.


Empower your team with improved tools for flexibility

Simplify the feedback loop on shift satisfaction. Surfboard enables agents to easily submit availability, swap shifts, and make schedule changes, ensuring a collaborative and efficient workflow.


A partner as dedicated to your success as you are

Set up in 2 weeks, benefit from a dedicated customer success manager, personalized training, and best in class support. Get in touch for more info.


An investment that pays off

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Hear from our customers

"Great product, great service, great results. We are able to support our customers efficiently and effectively. When you want to make updates or create new schedules everything works the way it's supposed to."

"Before, we were managing our contact centre schedules using Excel spreadsheets and spending hours preparing and updating them. Surfboard allows us to prepare schedules really easily and provides a clear, user friendly interface for agents."

"Surfboard has been a godsend at hometree. It has saved us time when recruting and building new shifts. The team use it daily and enoy the functionality of it. The team at Surfboard, take feedback really well when I give it and will look to always improve the service provided."

Take your team to the next level

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